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TJ 916 Ethereal Si Dian Jin

TJ 916 Ethereal Si Dian Jin

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Elevate your joyous moments with the exquisite TJ 916 Ethereal Si Dian Jin—an enchanting collection that beautifully fuses tradition with ethereal grace. This set of four intricately designed pieces, symbolizing blessings of wealth, longevity, happiness, and fertility, embodies the delicate dance of flowers in the breeze. Crafted with meticulous artistry, each element exudes a timeless elegance that complements the sacred rituals of your union. The TJ 916 Ethereal Si Dian Jin captures the essence of celestial beauty, featuring delicate motifs reminiscent of flowers gracefully swaying in the wind. Embrace the magic of tradition and the ethereal allure of these heirloom pieces, a symbol of blessings and everlasting love. Let your wedding day bloom with the TJ 916 Ethereal Si Dian Jin—a masterpiece that embodies the poetry of nature and the richness of cultural heritage.

  • Purity: 22 k / 916 Gold
  • Weight: ~23.05 g
  • Product Code: SJUUXB1001
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